Month: February 2016

How To Look Perfect Even In The Rain

We always want to look good no matter what the occasion, what time or what season. Every season has a fashion style dedicated to it; there is a fall line, a spring line, a winter collection and a summer collection. What we don’t have is an entire collection dedicated just to the times when rains come to visit us. This leads to confusions on what to match with what, how to make rainy day clothes fashionable and how to look like sunshine in the rain.

Now, there are many ways to combine your clothes and fashion jewelry into a great outfit on a rainy day. Here are some tips to do so:

1. Trench It

The best investment in this season is a trench coat. These can be worn whenever you want not just in the rainy season; you can get them in neutral colors like black, beige, navy blue or opt for bright colors like red, yellow if you are up for the shine. They are not always expensive, depends on the brand and quality you choose. You can buy a cute raincoat as well if you want something to just save your outfit from the rain and still look cute.

2. Be Dark

I know that we have always said that bright is the way to go in most seasons but when it comes to rainy season, we shall recommend the opposite. When it rains, there is a good chance that your clothes can get wet or worse stained, so to avoid that colors like black, navy blue, dark gray work great as they will hide stains and not become see through if they become wet. If you want to brighten up the outfit and not look all dark you can buy fashion jewellery online and pair it with them.

3. Brighten It Up

As I mentioned above, you can brighten up the outfit with a bunch of fashion jewellery and accessories. You can use brightly colored or printed handbags maybe in red or pink or pair it with a silver or gold belt or bright colored rainy boots, anything you want and think will go great with the rest of the outfit.

4. Hood Up

If you love hoodies like I do, you find reasons to wear it feel comfortable as you snuggle in it. Rains are one another excuse, generally when it rains the weather tends to get a bit cold. In that case wear a light and thin sweatshirt with a hood attached, it will keep you cozy and save your hair from the rain as well. You can wear a coat over it if you want to make a bit more sophisticated.

5. Boot It

During rains, one cannot wear the regular footwear we wear in our daily routine. Most footwear is not water resistant and can get spoiled in this season, majorly heels. So the best option is to buy rain boots. These are mostly made of rubber so they won’t soak up water or become soggy. You can get bright colors or patterns if you like and best part is they do not cost much as well. They look cute and simple. You can buy fashion jewellery online and match them to your boots as well. Now if you don’t want to wear your rain boots all day, you can conveniently put the footwear you want to match to your outfit in your bad and change after you reach your destination. If you live in a heavy rainfall area, pick a pair of universal flats or heels and keep them in your workplace so that you don’t have carry them every day.

Save on Designer Bags and Enjoy What the Elite Do

The variance in designer bags is undeniable, there are oversized, clutches, totes, and over-the shoulder styles that go great with different types of outfits. They can all be found in high end stores, but they are also found online and in outlets and for much less. There’s nothing quite like the quality that a luxury, designer handbag has and once a person invests in one, they’ll never settle for less. There’s no reason they can’t have a handbag that easily impresses even the most fashion-forward friend.

Make a Statement

There’s a good chance that the investment in designer clearance handbags will put one at the peak of their fashion success, and even on sale it’s likely that no one in the person’s immediate circle will have the same bag. They easily add quality and class to any outfit, even if it’s not designer itself. Choosing fun colors will bring attention to the bag and the outfit, and get that attention that the wearer is craving.

Invest in a glamorous evening bag to go out, and find many luxury bags that are perfect for every day outings and for work. Once one learns how to find designer clearance handbags, they can stock up and have something suitable for every outfit combination.

Designers Know Their Clients

Expect designer clearance handbags to easily meet your taste and desires. High end designers make it a point to know what their typical clients want, and before long a buyer usually settles on one or two favorite designers and sticks to them because they know what they like best. This makes shopping for them even easier, as they know what to do an online search for. Plus, new styles are always available so that gives buyers more choices. Plan to spend a specific amount monthly or seasonally, and shop for designer clearance handbags at the right times to stay on trend.

High Quality is Guaranteed

There should never be concern when investing in designer clearance handbags, as they’re always made from the very best genuine leather and other materials. They are built to last, which is why they are highly sought-after. Of course, it’s always possible to be presented with knockoffs, so make sure the purchase comes right from the manufacturer even if it’s found in an online shop.

Most designer product manufacturers have small outlets or sites that they work with, and they offer items for a bit less than found right in the store. It’s easy to tell if a bag is fake when examining it closely. The materials and construction will be much less admirable. Look for soft leathers, silks and of course the brand name stamped perfectly on the item.

Designer handbags are perfect for people who desire a few quality bags as opposed to several cheap ones. Designer means they’ll be stylish and durable for many years, and with patience a collection can be easily built.

Designer handbags are definitely a smart choice, and because they’re from the top brand manufacturers they are stronger and won’t break or tear easily. Plus, they are easy to impress with! Bottom line is that they just look better which is why celebrities choose them. There’s no reason to break the bank to follow celebrity trends, shop smart and enjoy the fruits of labor.

The Most Comfortable Bottomwear For Everyone

Ever wondered what is the most essential piece of clothing in your wardrobe? The one without which you would not be comfortable to explore different fashion styles? Yes! The answer is common for both guys and girls across all groups. The denim, commonly referred to as jeans, is the most comfortable pair of pants you would ever find in your closet. You can team it up with any shirt, top to create new fashion statements. Looking at how comfortable they are to wear, many of the offices have adopted wearing jeans to office on Fridays.

Here are five reasons as to why jeans are better than any other types of pants.

• Jeans are available in different cuts and styles. Be it boyfriend jeans or bell bottom jeans, you can choose from a wide range of patterns to suit your style statement. Moreover, being choosy for your kind of jeans is alright, as it would suit all occasions.

• Jeans have longer durability. In fact, the more you wash it, the more wear and tear you create for your pair of jeans. Denim lovers rarely wash them, in order to keep the cuts and shape intact.

• A pair of good jeans, with proper cuts and fits, camouflages your butt making it look even sexier. The first thing which most girls do to check whether the denim is looking good on them or not is to check their butt on the mirror. Thus, by having a good pair of jeans, you can flaunt your butt, which is not possible while wearing any other stretchy pants.

• Think about the amount to time you have to waste to think what would go best with other pants. This problem can be avoided by just wearing a good, comfortable pair of jeans. A range of style statements can be created with a simple pair of jeans that suits you well.

• Though jeans may seem to be huge amount of investment to you at the beginning, but you can vouch for it on any occasions be it a party or in the office. The weight of the jeans would convince you to buy it at once. Also denims starting from all ranges are available in the market. All you need to do is pick up the right one for yourself.

How To Spot A Low Quality Suit

When buying a suit, the easiest option is to pick one up from the supermarket rack. But that’s also the worst option, because most readymade suits at your local mall shopping centre look good only on the mannequins. When you buy and start wearing them, they lose their fit, their shape, and their colour. You might say that it’s hard to spot a low-quality suit when it looks good at first glance. But it isn’t really hard, if you know certain things to look for.

What things? Here they are…

Examine The Fabric

You may not be an expert, but examining the fabric of a suit is actually easy. Premium quality suits are made of pure wool. Therefore the first thing you need to check when buying a suit is whether it’s made of pure wool or polyester or blended materials. Look for raw or virgin wool since recycled wool isn’t very strong. The weave should be smooth with no loose strands or knots, since they lead to pilling. Pilling is the biggest sign of inferior quality materials.

Thread Count

The thread count of a fabric determines its softness and durability. A ‘super’ fabric is one that has a thread count of 100 or higher. The optimal thread count is between 110 and 150. If the thread count is higher than 200, the material will be soft, but it will lose its durability. To ensure the best thread count, do a little online research, read the fabric labels carefully and ask the salespersons at the store if you have any query.

Check The Seams

A quality suit has firmer seams that indicate they are stronger and will last long. The best way to determine the seam is to gently pull them a little apart. If there’s a lot of spacing between the stitches, the seam is not strong. Seams that aren’t flat or have been overstitched or have loose or visible threads are all warning signs.

Check The Buttonholes

Although this may not seem important when your coat is buttoned, it is one of the best ways to determine the make of a suit. Of course, a readymade suit from a store isn’t going to have the standard of work that you find in a bespoke suit, but check that the suit’s button holes don’t have tattered edges, loose threads, or weak stitching and seams. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check that the buttons also are sewn on firmly.

Check The Fit

Whether you’re buying a readymade suit or getting it tailored, you must always check the fit. A high-quality suit at the right size should fit you well and make you feel great in it. The coat shouldn’t stretch, pull or bunch when it’s buttoned, and the fabric should be soft and comfortable. Don’t buy the suit if the fabric feels weak, stiff, or loose.