Recently, I watched a program on Youtube, where the happy-go-lucky host meets and interviews famous Bollywood actresses and travels with them to show on live camera what’s hidden in each of the ladies bags and these super talented ladies purses. And if you are an Indian and you understand the dynamics of how much can Bollywood affect common people, you know that this shop will hit at least a million viewers. And how can you be wrong! Ting! 🙂 Every word an actress utters is a sensation. So, this is basically a super gossiper show. Nevertheless, a fun one too. Actresses in India are not only famous for their ladies dresses and ladies tops, but also for what are they styling their gorgeous outfit with. And this styling imagination rises the creativity in ladies bags, and basically trying and creating new designs and blooming the whole fashion online industry.


Fashion has no limits nor does our gorgeous divas remain silent in marketing them with super confidence. Actresses have since eternity been wearing matching ladies bags with ladies dresses specifically designed for them. The new innovation is the way the ladies purses are made and how fabric experimentation has helped evolve and boom the fashion industry.

A new addition to this booming Industry, though now are available in every girl’s wardrobe are the sling bags. These sling bags, unlike the ladies purses and ladies bags, are the new generations best friend. They are trendy, extremely comfortable and are every girl’s best friends. These sling bags can be worn with any attire and you can see some actresses breaking the norm and wearing these sling bags over traditional ladies dresses like sarees, which was considered a faux pas a decade ago. Fashion sense changes rather evolve and so do we and our ideologies.  For example, Deepika Padukone is seen wearing a series of sling bags on various occasions, both casual and  professional alike. Whenever she is seen in a casual look, like in simple jeans and a ladies top, she styles her attire with a gorgeous sling bag and other times, the famous and proven old tradition of ladies purses.

b3Ladies purses have been talked about forever since I knew a handbag. The ladies purse to match your saree, ladies dress, oh don’t commit the sin of not talking about the nail color, boots, stilettos, pumps, and of course the makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow and colored cosmetic lenses to accentuate the sparkle in your eyes.  My favorite look of ladies purses are those intricately designed clutches that shine like stars in the sky. These create that sense of festivity in the parties and put the adorner in the limelight and mark your dressing standards high on top! Now, tell me who doesn’t want to be in the limelight? All the time or is it too much? Unfortunately, one cannot choose to be under limelight or not.  Once you are in, I believe you are in forever, just like those sparkles on your ladies purses, big, a center of attraction, and always under one’s observation. Having a casual ladies top and denim pant on your silhouette with a highlighting ladies purse in the hand is enough to make you talk of the town.



Gorgeous, aren’t they? All of these beautiful designs and trendy items can be founds online and are readily available to be picked from  Bags online are the best source for the most amazing designs and styles. Many of the ladies bags that Bollywood actresses endorse while teaming up with their favorite ladies dresses are available online.

b6These days, there are many categories of ladies bags and the ones that are selling like hot cakes are the ones that are unique and different. Designers have taken to the fabric that is used to design ladies bags and the latest innovations are cotton bags, bamboo bags, and mesh.  Well, with all said, it is still more interesting, what is that secret thing in your ladies bag that you do not want to show others!?