Accessories for men give that important first impression. Not only for the boss or business associates, but for the ladies. Business dress today can range from formal to casual, but the definition of each would depend on the office environment and industry. For every level of attire, a gentleman can always look his best with a few sophisticated touches.

A quality watch that is simple, but elegant will give a professional look that will also keep you on schedule. Checking the time on your cell phone during a lunch or meeting can look disrespectful or disengaging.

Professional style footwear is a must to give a polished finish. A high-end pair of leather shoes will be worth the investment in both appearance and long-term wear. Like women, men’s shoes can offer a bit of personal flair to any wardrobe. Not having the right shoes shows that you do not care about your appearance and not serious about your work or worse that you are unable to afford a decent pair.

A nice leather belt should be worn with any pair of pants that have belt loops to have a clean business appearance. Latest style trends state that your belt and shoes do not have to be the exact same shade of color, meaning that a lighter shade of brown belt is acceptable with a dark brown pair of shoes. But it is not acceptable to mix black and brown. Also, stay away from the large ornamental belt buckles!

A leather wallet or money clip should be another upgrade that is added to your daily accessory list. As a professional you will need to have your business card handy at all times and having them with your ID and cash will help keep you prepared. Having your initials embossed on the leather will add a touch of class.

Naturally a tie is worn in more stringently traditional situations and your choice will indicate your style, for the more professional appearance it is best to stay away from bow ties. Whether going with a conservative pattern and color or a more flamboyant design it is a statement that is seen at first glance, so choose wisely. One accessory that is often forgotten is the tie bar, chain or tie tack. This small statement piece of jewelry, that helps hold your tie in place, can create that professional sophisticated style that will create a sense of confidence.

The simple pen can be a dramatic accessory. Do not grab a freebie that is handed out for advertising. The ultimate professional businessman will always have a good pen stashed in an interior pocket, for that contract signature that seals the deal.

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