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Where to Find Inspiration for Designing Your Own Custom Hoodie

aqefbFor those who cannot find the style that they are looking for on the high street, one of the best options available online now is the chance to design your own hoodie, t-shirt, polo shirt or any other item of clothing that you can imagine. This means that you get exactly the design that you want, often for a fraction of the price of branded clothing.

When it comes to designing your own clothing, regardless of the fact that there are more style options to choose from, it can be difficult to get inspiration for designing your own hoodie and then settling on a final design. However, there are several great ways for you to gather ideas.

Firstly, get your inspiration from the designer brands that you like but do not want to pay a great deal of money for. If you are looking to purchase a hoodie, chances are that you will have seen many amazing designs from surfing and skateboarding brands, as well as those marketed by music groups and bands.

Although the aim is not to copy the design outright – which could be indeed be violating copyright law – this is a great source of inspiration for which colours work well together, and if there are any particular motifs that you like. You can then take some of these ideas and then use these to create something which has all the style elements that you like.

Another place to look before you design your own hoodie is online stores – often versions of the high street ones – as well as in fashion catalogues, which will expose you to trends and brands that you normally would not come across. Browse the various fashions available and see if there are any that appeal to you.

If so, again make note of the colours and designs that you would like to imitate in your own hoodie design. Of course, if you are designing your hoodie for a specific purpose such as for a sports team, it is wise to look at real world examples of sports team hoodies too. If you are looking for stag do hoodies, searching online for stag do hoodie designs will also give you inspiration.

Finally, ask the company that you are thinking of buying your custom hoodies from if they have any of their own suggestions for your design. There are often team of experienced designers working for these businesses, and they will be more than happy to help you find a design that will be appropriate and to your taste.

You can often do this research by yourself by browsing their portfolios, but otherwise your best bet is to ask them directly about the colour and motif options that they offer. You can also ask them if they can recommend some of their favourite designs that they have made, or any particular trends that they have noticed recently which look good.

When the moment comes to design your own hoodie, no doubt you will now have a list of colours and motifs that will work for you. Choosing the colour is often the easier part, but coming up with a motif design that is not copyrighted is harder. Again, ask the custom clothing company if they offer any particular standard motifs that would work for you.

If not, the best thing to do is visit a Creative Commons website and search for those designs that are free for public use, without being subject to copyright law. You can use these as freely as you wish on your hoodie, often modifying the colour and design as needed. Or, if you are feeling particularly artistic, you can create your own hoodie motif yourself.

Learn About Leather and Always Choose the Best

It’s important first and foremost to understand the three different types of leather. The type can usually be located on the bottom side or inside a leather good. The leather quality will be stamped appropriately with genuine leather, full grain, or top grain leather. Whether buying a leather handbag, briefcase, shoes or a jacket it’s important to know just what to look for.

Genuine leather

This not only means the product in hand is made of true leather, but surprisingly it tells the buyer that this is the lowest quality of any products available. Confusing, right?

Anyone that wants a long lasting, good looking leather handbag should avoid genuine leather. It’s common in belts, shoes and bags found in value shops and stores, and oddly costs more than it’s worth – especially in the mall where shoppers think they are getting primo goods, but are unaware that “genuine” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it’s made up of layers of low quality leather that are glued and painted to mimic their high-quality counterparts. We’re talking layers of scrap from the good portions being cut away.

This grade is okay when it comes to leather, but only if the wearer is unconcerned about the overall quality. It won’t last long, especially if worn every day.

Top-grain leather

Searching for fine leather goods? This is the grade that is typically found when seeking it out. It is mid-quality and used in most leather handbags as well as wallets and belts for men that are under a designer brand name.

The process for this grade of leather is to split a portion of full-grain leather and sand any imperfections away. It often comes with a fake grain stamped on it and is colored and treated to appear uniform. While this sounds cheap, it’s not nearly as bad as the genuine leather.

To the trained eye, they feel it has a more plastic finish and understand it is not as durable as full-grain. It does end up with a worn look over time, but has vibrant color. So it is a give and take when it comes to investing in this type of leather.

Full-grain leather

This is the best quality leather as it uses the entire grain of hide along with imperfections. It’s most popular for things like gun holsters or work boots, but is also found in high end belts, briefcases, and more. It is marked with imperfections from the animal it comes from sometimes, but high end companies will pay more for the pieces that aren’t scarred.

The best quality of full-grain leather is that the older it gets the more beautiful it becomes. Like a fine wine it ages gracefully, however it is much pricier than others. Many prefer to think of it as an investment as it will never need replacement as long as it is cared for correctly.

Avoiding bonded, patent and corrected grain leather is advised. If one must go with a lower quality leather handbag, then it’s best to choose genuine. Although, it is possible when shopping both online and off to find a steal on the higher grade leathers depending on where they have come from.

Leather handbags from online boutiques, wholesale stores and private sellers are often the best finds. Trying one’s hand at finding a steal is always fun when in the know about the various qualities and secrets as mentioned above.

4 Reasons to Buy Custom Ties

There are many custom clothing options available on the market today, ranging from hoodies and polo shirts right through bags and accessories. Some of the more unusual options on the market are custom ties, which can be embroidered or printed with a particular colour or motif, depending on the person making the order.

Although custom ties might seem like an unusual choice of garment to customise, there are actually several situations where they are very appropriate, and therefore could be well worth your consideration. Here are some of the main occasions where a custom tie could be the perfect custom clothing item to invest in.

The first instance where one might invest in a custom tie is for business purposes. Often, businesses like to give out meaningful gifts to their loyal customers or valued associates, and ties can be perfect for doing this. Typical gifts are pens and office items, but customised and tailored garments are often great too.

The reason for this is that they provide a branding opportunity and are a particularly classy merchandising item to give away. Like high quality pens or even luxury watches, giving a tie as a gift to a valued client or colleague is an impressive way of honouring them for their custom or their partnership.

There is another great use for custom ties in business, and this is as part of any employee uniform. Typically we think of staff uniforms as being restricted to shirts, polos, t-shirts, trousers and fleeces, but a customised tie can also make all the difference to an outfit.

These particular items work very well with a more high class and sophisticated employee uniform, and can bear the company’s colours and logo in order that all staff can not only look very smart when delivering products or services, but also fit in with the company image. Furthermore, these garments can be relatively inexpensive to purchase, yet still look very smart and sophisticated.

Although custom ties are great in a business and commercial context, there are also a couple of instances where they are very well placed in more social scenarios. An example of this is at a wedding or other special occasion where a number of guests are required to dress in a particular colour theme or style.

For example, the best man or close family at a wedding might decide to wear the same colours in order to fit into a wedding theme, and customising a tie to go along with a shirt and suit combination can look very impressive indeed. This gives the bride and groom the chance to create a matching look for their wedding, much like buying matching bridesmaid dresses.

Again, there is a variety of colours and motifs to choose from, meaning that guests or hosts at any particular special social occasion can come up with a design that blends in, stands out or sends a particular message.

Lastly, custom ties also make fantastic gifts for friends and family, whether as a fun and light-hearted gift or as one that is entirely serious, coming up with a unique and stylish design that you simply cannot find in the shops. These garments can be customised with a comedy design, or instead incorporate many stylish features that are to the tastes of the recipient.

Although many people assume that you have to buy in bulk this is not necessarily the case, and instead people can just order one stylish tie as a gift for their friends and family. This means that the customisation option is open to everyone, whether they are a business person looking for corporate gifts or a family looking to give a meaningful, stylish present to a relative for their birthday.


A Businessman’s Professional Finishing Touches

Accessories for men give that important first impression. Not only for the boss or business associates, but for the ladies. Business dress today can range from formal to casual, but the definition of each would depend on the office environment and industry. For every level of attire, a gentleman can always look his best with a few sophisticated touches.

A quality watch that is simple, but elegant will give a professional look that will also keep you on schedule. Checking the time on your cell phone during a lunch or meeting can look disrespectful or disengaging.

Professional style footwear is a must to give a polished finish. A high-end pair of leather shoes will be worth the investment in both appearance and long-term wear. Like women, men’s shoes can offer a bit of personal flair to any wardrobe. Not having the right shoes shows that you do not care about your appearance and not serious about your work or worse that you are unable to afford a decent pair.

A nice leather belt should be worn with any pair of pants that have belt loops to have a clean business appearance. Latest style trends state that your belt and shoes do not have to be the exact same shade of color, meaning that a lighter shade of brown belt is acceptable with a dark brown pair of shoes. But it is not acceptable to mix black and brown. Also, stay away from the large ornamental belt buckles!

A leather wallet or money clip should be another upgrade that is added to your daily accessory list. As a professional you will need to have your business card handy at all times and having them with your ID and cash will help keep you prepared. Having your initials embossed on the leather will add a touch of class.

Naturally a tie is worn in more stringently traditional situations and your choice will indicate your style, for the more professional appearance it is best to stay away from bow ties. Whether going with a conservative pattern and color or a more flamboyant design it is a statement that is seen at first glance, so choose wisely. One accessory that is often forgotten is the tie bar, chain or tie tack. This small statement piece of jewelry, that helps hold your tie in place, can create that professional sophisticated style that will create a sense of confidence.

The simple pen can be a dramatic accessory. Do not grab a freebie that is handed out for advertising. The ultimate professional businessman will always have a good pen stashed in an interior pocket, for that contract signature that seals the deal.

Four Tips For Finding a Figure Flattering Bra

You reach for the camel colored cashmere sweater. It’s a few years old but, when you wear it you feel like a million dollars. As you take a glance at yourself in the mirror, that million dollars is beginning to feel more like a dollar fifty. The sweater that used to hug your bust and torso like a glove now is baggy in some areas, and is tight in others. But don’t give the sweater to Goodwill yet. It may just be your bra. As we get older. our breasts may change in size and shape. The 34B sports bra that you wore 2 years ago just doesn’t work any more. The right bra is key to making your tops fit correctly. Here are a few tips for finding the right bra to flatter your over 50 body.

Get Naked

Take a good look at your naked breasts in a mirror. Are they full but long, tubular, pancake like or splayed apart? Knowing the shape of your breasts will help you choose the style of bra most suitable for you. A woman with full but somewhat long breasts would do best in a more structured bra with thick straps. Bandeau style bras would seem to suit those with long but thin breasts. Push ups would probably work best with pancake or splayed breasts.

Measure Up

Take your measurements. Using a tape measure, wrap it around your torso, just underneath your breasts from back to front. Round this measurement up to the nearest whole number. If this is an odd number, round up to the nearest even number. This is your band measurement. Next, in a bra that fits fairly well, measure around the fullest part of your bust. Now subtract your band from your bust measurement. This will give you your cup size. If the difference is less than 1, your cup size is AA. If it is 1, then it is an A, 2 it is a B, and so forth. The full bust measurement is the size of the bra. For example if your band measurement was 32 and your bust measurement was 36, you would likely wear a 36 D.

Match the Undergarment to the Garment

Flip through a Victoria Secret catalogue and you will find lacy, bejeweled, and sexy bras. While a jewel encrusted bra may be beautiful, how will it look under your form- fitting tee- shirt? Wear a bra that corresponds to the garment you will be wearing. Bras with smooth molded cups look great under tees. Sports bras give support and look great with exercise tank tops. Strapless bras are ideal for strapless dresses and halter tops.

Seek the Help of A Professional

While measuring yourself is a quick way to get a good idea of what size bra you should wear, in order to get the most accurate fit, you should probably go to a professional. Today many lingerie shops and department stores have specialists on hand who will help measure you for the correct bra and help you find the styles that are most flattering for you.

Wondering What to Do With an Old Coat? Consider Fur Restyling

Whether dealing with a treasured inherited heirloom or a great vintage find, professional fur restyling can provide a modern update to an already chic statement piece. Rather than keep a timeless mink packed away in the back of your clost with mothballs, wrapped in plastic, or tucked away in the back of a dusty closet, give it a second chance with a stylish revamp.

Shorten the Length

Floor, knee, waist-coat length seems to change with every decade. If a coat is grazing the ground, raising the hem will remove weather-related damage caused by rain or salt, as well as marks left by shoes. Taking the hem to the knee allows the coat to remain formal. Less formal lengths, such as mid-thigh or even the hip, are modern takes on the popular car-coat length.

Consider the Form

If the garment is in good condition and the length feels right, small adjustments to form can make a big difference. Removing shoulder padding and taking up the sleeves will keep traditional lines from appearing outdated. Reducing the waistline and adding tapering can make a baggy coat fitted and functional for a slimmer frame.

Shear, Trim, Line

Apparel made prior to the 90s is usually big and heavy. Shearing techniques will remove excess hairs, cut down on bulky material, and offer a new silhouette. Adding trim or another material to the hood, cuffs, or collar will add dimension. For a greater aesthetic mix-up, add the pelt to leather, wool, or cashmere. It can also serve as a warm interior liner for a jacket, raincoat, or parka.


If a client is already satisfied with the length, form, and general look of their garment, small changes can still offer a nice enhancement. Adding a belt that accentuates the waist, updating buttons or snaps, or replacing the zipper can add something special and unique without causing the coat to lose its original tailoring.

Give It a New Purpose

Perhaps for personal reasons, the client would like to create an entirely new product, like a pillow, throw, blanket, or another craft project. Accessories such as mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves can be made from an unwanted coat. Fur restyling can be achieved in unexpected ways as well. A coat can be remade into teddy bears, serve as a surrogate to orphaned animals, or be used to warm injured wildlife.

Thoughtful Details for Family Pool Bags

dIf you are going for your summer vacation, it is most likely you will be spending some time in the water or just relaxing on the beach. Well, who doesn’t love catching the breeze? Whether you love surfing or swimming, there is no denying that water fun helps you bond with family.

Catch 22 Situation

There is so much to do whether you are at the pool or on the beach except for one problem; how do you pack all your stuff? Staying organized during your outing should always be a priority. Most excursions turn sour when one of you loses an item or a valuable gadget is damaged by water. What’s more, packing for everyone is a daunting task and this is where an ergonomically designed family pool bag comes into play.

Leveraging Innovative Designing

If you are looking for a mess-free outing, it is time to invest in this creatively designed tote. It allows you to pack everything in one place. How so? It is a multi-pocketed carrier which makes it easy to carry your sunscreen, lotions, iced bottles, laptop, snacks, Smartphone, towels and much more. Well, it gets better; the inner lining is waterproof which protects your electronic gadgets.

As you dive in, you don’t have to worry about your stuff because everything is safely tucked in. Still not taken? Here is a summary of the benefits a family pool bag offers:

    • Convenience: Like most parents, you look forward to having quality time with your kids except for one thing; packing and carrying stuff around. This product is designed to carry every item and it also comes with comfortable straps if you are walking a long distance.


    • Stylish designs: Like most parents, you definitely care about how you dress. Indeed, the accessories you carry must also reflect your personal style. These contemporary bags are trendy and you can choose colors and prints that match your style.


    • Functionality: Unlike conventional totes, these stylish products have multiple sections, each optimized to protect your personal belongings. Whether you are bringing along your precious Smartphone or your iPad, there is no need to worry.


  • Durability: The best totes boast heavy duty construction. Every part of the structure is made of high-quality materials. From the straps, zippers to the buckles, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and costly repairs.

Five Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Suitcase For Travel

avWhether the trip is for business or pleasure, a couple of suitcases are an essential thing to have. Notwithstanding, purchasing a suitcase is not as simple as it looks initially. To guarantee you leave with an awesome deal, a suitcase which would last for quite a number of years, & to obtain a decent value for your money, different components need to be considered when you purchase a suitcase, be it name brand such as Hartmann or Samsonite suitcases, or some less expensive product you discover on sale.

What are these variables?

1. Size of the Suitcase

With regards to size, you need to consider if you’re utilizing the product as a carry-on bag or checked luggage. This will hugely affect your size. A great way to guarantee you pick the best-sized suitcase is to browse the website of the carrier you habitually fly; they ought to have their carry-on and checked gear limitations listed. You may want to purchase slightly on the small side of what the carriers permit, they appear to be cracking down increasingly on baggage allowances nowadays.

2. Suitcases Portability

In addition to the fact that it is essential to get a decent sized bag to guarantee you don’t need to check your carry-on suitcase or pay an additional charge because of a larger-than-average bag, size is critical to portability as well. Obviously, you need a bag that is anything but difficult to lift. Be that as it may, Samsonite bags and other mainstream brands are fitted with wheels & pull-along handle. While you might be, not able to wheel your suitcase down a plane isle, added portability should prove to be handy when strolling around the airplane terminal.

3. Accessibility of Packed Articles

At the point when you purchase a suitcase, accessibility ought to be a vital element to consider. Be it in your hotel or reaching up into the luggage compartment, it ought to be easy to locate the article you require. A million tiny compartments sound great to start with, however, this tends to make it tougher to quickly get articles from your suitcase & is rather dreary to pack & unpack. Smaller suitcases designed as portable baggage are more accessible and this is essential since you may need to grab something from your pack on the plane. With a simple-to-access sack, you can simply open the compartment, unfasten, and snatch what you require.

4. Durability: Will Your Luggage Last?

Durability is an unquestionable need when purchasing a suitcase. Be it a carry-on or checked bag, they experience a great deal of abuse. Your baggage is useless in the event that it cannot withstand a couple dings or hurls from airplane terminal gear handlers. You need wheels that can deal with bumpy footways & weather. You need zippers that open easily for a countless number of zips & unzips. Most of the famous brands, for example, Samsonite suitcases, incorporate solid warranties, normally up to Ten Years, which uphold their durability baggage claims.

5. Price: Is Cheap Luggage Worth It?

Here’s something about prices: we as customers need to spare cash, however, you ought to never give up quality for cost. Keep in mind, a solid and durable article is a sound investment for quite a long time of utilization than one that is cheap, yet will deteriorate faster after some time. Not just does a quality suitcase enhance the overall travel experience, but you get your money’s worth over the long haul. Locate a nice brand, for example, TravelPro, Samsonite suitcases, and so forth. Next, compare costs on those to find the best rates on super-quality products. A cheap suitcase may appear like a decent deal now, however, not when you have to purchase a replacement faster than you had foreseen.


Spot the Embellishing Traits of Online Custom-Made Scarve

Defined by many names, but holding an elegant aim, i.e., to deliver an exclusive look to its wearer, this is the best and simplest way to describe uniquely designed scarves. People from ancient times were adorned with its exquisiteness. Multifaceted benefits of which, are of equal importance too. Protecting the graceful wearer from chilly winter winds or UV-rays, their fashionable features can’t be neglected either.

A Bit of Details for Better Understanding

Kremer, neck-wrap, muffler, etc., are to mention a few epithets of scarves. However, it was widely used as a piece of clothing in the earlier ages. Those were used for cleaning and not delivering warmth. “Sudarium” was the name with which it was identified then. In the Latin-Age, it got re-defined as “sweat cloth”. But, at that time it was ideally worn by men and that too, for tightening up their pants and trousers. With the invention of fabrics like, silk, wool, pashmina and more, women began to use the same. Unmatched comfort of which, were highly appreciated too. In the 19th and 20th century, scarves were a paramount success among people. Since then, scarves got favored as an apt accessory.

Corporate Houses are Investing in it Too

Nowadays, such development in business is a crucial point. Trade and commerce bodies are always believed to make strategic investment of available capital. With numerous managerial heads opting for custom-made scarves, it gets clear that there must be something special about it. Obviously, there is. In any case, dresses of any sorts are capable to behold a striking presence among onlookers. Nevertheless, when it gets attached with customized scarves, the embellishing facet gets enriched. As a result of which, directors are considering it as an excellent way of productive marketing and branding.

Make an Individual Fashion Statement in Style

Distinctly designed clothing of any sorts is something that has been cherished by people since the ancient ages. With time, treasure for the same only got enhanced. Today, not only the attire, even accessorizing products has a responsible role to play. This gets prominent with the blooming want to get personalized scarves from local and online stores. Empowered to enable a wearer to win over the crowd, these merchandise are also favored for its supreme comfort.

Responsible for Commercial Success of Fashion Industry

This is true that demand for scarves of various designs has somewhere enabled the industry to grow with paramount success. From trend setting fashion lovers to directors of leading corporate entities, everybody is supporting its exquisiteness. Favorability of this merchandise is common among adolescent human masses too. Such development has been made possible due to its fashionable aspects. Approval of such progress can be obtained from online portals that solely deal with ties, neckties, scarves and accessories alike.

An observable fact in this respect is apparently the ability to collect excellently made scarves available online. Over there, the trend of collecting customized products is common. No wonder, it doesn’t mean that there is any less demand for other items. Rather, wider options of scarves, with which such shops are equipped, can simply spoil a buyer with choice. World-class fabric, array of colors, shapes and sizes can neither be missed. With impressive discounts, faster delivery, easy personalizing protocol and flexible delivery options, the process of collecting such beautiful scarves has been successfully made easier.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Women’s Shoes

Are you looking for the perfect pair of summer boots for yourself? If so, our tips can help you. Finding the right pair of shoes should be a piece of cake if you have a keen eye and open approach. Before you choose a pair, you should determine a few things. You should decide the color, style, height and several other things before making the buying decision. Below are some of the essential factors to take into account before you go and buy your favorite pair of shoes.


High heels give your feet a lift while flatting your ankles and calves. For a balanced height and comfort, you should go for a 3-inch heel. But make sure you buy the shoes made from high quality material. The back of the boots should not pinch your heel. Similarly, your feet should feel comfortable in the toe box.

Are you into flats? Flats feature a classic look offering a combination of great comfort and elegance. For instance, ballet flats can be an ideal choice for dinning out. In the same way, some designs have rubber soles that make them a great choice if you want to put them on and scamper around your favorite beach. For a classy look, you can wear your favorite flats with short-shorts, miniskirts or tapered pants.

Unlike other types of boots, sandals allow you feet to breathe. Usually, they are made from posh leather or canvas. For summer dresses, simple designs are a good choice. On the other hand, slacks and sheet dresses go well with beaded numbers and bi-tones.

Wedges were designed as an alternative to today’s heels. Since its invention in 1930, the designers have created many stylized and sculpted designs, such as the espadrille and the wedge boot. These shoes shape your calves and ankles just like heels. Besides, they give you secure footing. So, wedges are the perfect choice for outdoor concerts and barbecues.

Clogs And Mules
Conventionally, the soles of clogs are made from cork or wood. They give support to the bottom of your feet. That is why health professionals recommend clogs to those looking for a comfortable pair of boots.

Clogs feature a round toe, but mules have open backs. Mules are available in various styles, such as flats and peep toes. For a summer look, mules are a great addition. But for formal events, you can go for a closed toe pair of mules.

The takeaway

So, you may want to keep in mind the points given in this guide when buying your favorite pair of boots. Keep in mind that price should not be your most important consideration when buying boots, as an uncomfortable pair of boots will make it harder for you to walk. Your feet may get hurt and you may not be able to walk for a few days in worse cases. Therefore, keep the pointers in mind when buying your next pair of summer boots. Hope this helps.