Redecorating a home or simply decorating one for the first time can be an immense task. Not only is it necessary to pick out furnishings, but also choose a coherent theme and colour scheme for each and every room. For those who want to create their ideal space and love beautiful aesthetics, the pressure is on to create the perfect living space.

One part of decorating a home is choosing the right fabric for upholstery and for curtains in order to style rooms in an effective and appealing manner. Fabrics in a room can really transform the look of a space, so whether you go for a bold look or a subdued one, picking out the right textiles is extremely important.

With that said, it is relatively easy to fall into some common traps when choosing fabric for upholstery. Here are several mistakes that are commonly made that can very easily be avoided.

The first common error is not choosing a theme and a colour scheme for your living spaces before buying your fabrics. Many people instead go straight to picking out a beautiful piece of material without really thinking about how it will look on their property, and this is a major mistake.

The reason for this is that – as mentioned above – selecting the right fabrics or the wrong fabrics can really change the appearance of a room.

Using an overpowering colour or fabric can make the look of a room too busy and simply overwhelming, whereas choosing something too plain can make a space bland, boring and even clinical.

For this reason, doing thorough research on the design of your space before you purchase is very important. If this is done correctly, you will also cut down time spent searching for fabrics online, as you will be must clearer about the colours, shade intensity and patterns that you know will work as part of your design plan.

The next common error is not ordering a sample of a fabric before buying, as this can lead to some serious buyer’s remorse. Often one of the major problems with buying fabric for upholstery either online or offline is that it is very difficult to accurately envisage how these materials can look in your home.

Indeed, something can look amazing on the rack in a shop, yet when on your sofa in your living room in abundant natural light it can look entirely different altogether. This means that trialling samples of fabric – preferably next to one another – is the quickest and easiest way to ensuring that you buy something that is right for your home.

Many reputable retailers offer the chance to enjoy several free samples of fabric for upholstery, which you can then examine under different lights in your home to determine which one is the best. It is important not to rush this stage and settle for something that is just ‘OK’ – instead try to get as many samples as you can before you pick out a final fabric.

Lastly, a common error that many people make is not accurately measuring their furniture or their windows in order to buy the right length of material. Again, this can lead to serious buyer’s remorse when it turns out that not enough fabric has been bought and all the money so far invested has been a waste.

It is also important to note that overestimating sizes and lengths of fabric is far better than underestimating. If in doubt, have a professional upholsterer measure your furniture properly so you do not make any mistakes in this department. Although this may seem like a costly solution, it is often worth this little extra fee to avoid costly mistakes.

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