Whether dealing with a treasured inherited heirloom or a great vintage find, professional fur restyling can provide a modern update to an already chic statement piece. Rather than keep a timeless mink packed away in the back of your clost with mothballs, wrapped in plastic, or tucked away in the back of a dusty closet, give it a second chance with a stylish revamp.

Shorten the Length

Floor, knee, waist-coat length seems to change with every decade. If a coat is grazing the ground, raising the hem will remove weather-related damage caused by rain or salt, as well as marks left by shoes. Taking the hem to the knee allows the coat to remain formal. Less formal lengths, such as mid-thigh or even the hip, are modern takes on the popular car-coat length.

Consider the Form

If the garment is in good condition and the length feels right, small adjustments to form can make a big difference. Removing shoulder padding and taking up the sleeves will keep traditional lines from appearing outdated. Reducing the waistline and adding tapering can make a baggy coat fitted and functional for a slimmer frame.

Shear, Trim, Line

Apparel made prior to the 90s is usually big and heavy. Shearing techniques will remove excess hairs, cut down on bulky material, and offer a new silhouette. Adding trim or another material to the hood, cuffs, or collar will add dimension. For a greater aesthetic mix-up, add the pelt to leather, wool, or cashmere. It can also serve as a warm interior liner for a jacket, raincoat, or parka.


If a client is already satisfied with the length, form, and general look of their garment, small changes can still offer a nice enhancement. Adding a belt that accentuates the waist, updating buttons or snaps, or replacing the zipper can add something special and unique without causing the coat to lose its original tailoring.

Give It a New Purpose

Perhaps for personal reasons, the client would like to create an entirely new product, like a pillow, throw, blanket, or another craft project. Accessories such as mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves can be made from an unwanted coat. Fur restyling can be achieved in unexpected ways as well. A coat can be remade into teddy bears, serve as a surrogate to orphaned animals, or be used to warm injured wildlife.

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